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P0A93 Code PriusChat.

Toyota Prius 2008. Red triangle and check engine. Error code P0A93 Inverter Cooling system performance. Ac stopped - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic. Thank you for using Just Answer for your needs. The code P0a93 can be a very serious code if left unchecked. The code stands for Inverter Cooling system performance problem. We see this quite a lot on the2004- 2007 Prius model and Toyota even issued a LSC Limited Service Campaign called A0N.

P0a93 Description The inverter converts the high-voltage direct current of the HV battery into the alternating current for the MG1 and the MG2. The inverter generates heat during the conversion process, and this heat could damage the inverter if a cooling system is unavailable. 07/09/2012 · Not totally sure about the temperature, but you don't need the engine running to see the turbulence in the inverter coolant reservoir. When I tested mine a few weeks ago the car was in "ready" mode but the ICE was off and I could still clearly see the turbulence to. Repair Information for P0a9e code. Learn what does P0a9e Hybrid Battery Temperature Sensor 'A' Circuit High means, location and how to repair? 07/09/2015 · Добрый день У меня на Prius 2005 г.в. Загорелся Check, Восклицательный знак, на станции при диагностике показало код P0A93, затем через 3 дня само все погасло, затем через неделю снова загорелось и. What does code poa93 in a toyota prius mean - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 2008 prius: along with break warning and vsc, check engine.chimes. I have a 2008 prius.

27/06/2011 · Toyota Prius Inverter Water Pump Recall imageInverter water pumps are a common failure on second generation Toyota Prius model years 2004-2009. Read LG’s original blog here: Prius Code P0A93: Inverter Water Pump Failure dated 3/2009 Toyota issued a “Technical Service Bulletin” on this issue over two years prior, dated January 26th, 2007. Prius 2004-09:: Code P0A93 - Inverter Cooling System Performance I have a 2007 Prius, and bought it used about 4 months ago. I have not had any issues with it until last night. The VSC light comes on by default when the check engine light comes on. This code means the inverter coolant temp is getting to hot. This is either because the invert pump is bad which there was a recall on and you should have had done or the cooling fan system is not operating properly.

The power inverter coolant pump may fail resulting in illumination of the Check Engine Light associated with fault code P0A93 stored. Our technicians tell us the power inverter coolant pump should be replaced if this occurs. A revised pump is available for 2004-2006 models, Toyota. 2006 toyota prius code P0A93 catalytic converter recommended replacement. cost is a mjor concern for part. - Toyota Prius question. Search Fixya. 2008 Toyota Prius. 5 Answers 2003 Prius Hybrid System Warning Light. 2003 Toyota Prius. 1 Answer 2007 prius. 21/06/2008 · 2005 PRIUS REPAIR MANUAL RM1130U DTC P0A9C HYBRID BATTERY TEMPERATURE SENSOR ”A” RANGE/PERFORMANCE DTC P0A9D HYBRID BATTERY TEMPERATURE SENSOR ”A” CIRCUIT LOW DTC P0A9E HYBRID BATTERY TEMPERATURE SENSOR ”A” CIRCUIT HIGH CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION Three battery temperature sensors are. Problem with your 2008 Toyota Prius? Our list of 9 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2008 Toyota Prius. Can I drive it like this to El Paso or home? Car seems to be running fine. Car is under toyota warranty so i don't want to screw anything else up. View 8 Replies Prius 2004-09:: Code P0A93 - Inverter Cooling System Performance. I have a 2007 Prius, and bought it used about 4 months ago. I have not had any issues with it until last night.

23/10/2017 · 2004-2009 Prius A high quality OEM replacement toyota part Backed by 1 year or 12k warranty which ever comes first A Genuine Toyota Part Genuine Toyota 16670-21010 Water Valve Assembly Valve With Bracket As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 29/06/2016 · 06 Toyota Prius, 242K miles. This video was uploaded to help with diagnosis in an online forum. P0A93 - Inverter Cooling Performance Sign in to. and having to bleed air out of the system afterwards. Use only Toyota SLLC Supper long life. pump on the RX, and if so has yours been changed. I know a number of Toyota hybrids had a recall for this including the Prius. There was no age or millage restrictions on the. Toyota Prius: PO420, POA93. Customer Question. 2008 Prius with a code C1300 Malfunction in Engine Control & code P0420 Catalyst system efficiency below. 03 Toyota tundra trouble with code po420 left bank inefficient put new cat and both o2 sensors still getting same code the next day tried gas cap doesn't appear to have any misfires. 11/09/2012 · P0A93 Inverter Cooling System Performance. 10 Prius III, Leather, Solar, Nav, JBL sold Bookmark. ToyotaNation Forum is a community dedicated to all Toyota models. Come discuss the Camry, Tacoma, Highlander, 4Runner, Rav4 and more! Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums.

10/10/2010 · Code P0A93 for toyota PRIUS WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ? Check Engine light and ! and VSC Warning lights I looked up code P0A93 equals StandaRD DTC'S. 2008 Toyota Prius. 5 Answers 2003 Prius Hybrid System Warning Light. 2003 Toyota Prius. 1 Answer 2007 prius master warning light, !, VSC and engine light on.26/10/2018 · My 2009 Prius suddenly got the big red triangle with exclamation and check engine light CEL on along with the MFD warning red car with exclamation point the other day when my wife was driving the vehicle. She told me the signs just appeared out of nowhere. I took the vehicle out to AutoZone and have them read the code and P0A93 is the DTC.The second generation Toyota Prius was made from 2004-2009. While it was leaps and bounds better than the first generation, it still has its flaws. Here is what you should do if your Prius sets a diagnostic trouble code of P0A93, inverter cooling system performance.Prius Gen 2:: P0A93 Code Come Up And Go Off Multiple Times. 2010 Toyota Prius III with just under 60,000 miles. The car has been serviced at Toyota from day one. My 2008 Prius 111,000 miles had all the panel alarm lights go on and lost power while I was driving on the freeway.

Toyota Prius 2008. Red triangle and check.

So my 2008 got the code for the water inverter replacement. Sorry on mobile and difficult to switch over to double check. Anyways, saw there was a. [/r/mechanicadvice] Toyota Prius 2008 / 101000km / Inverter overheating problem. • /r/prius. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in. Buy Genuine Toyota G9020-47031 Water Pump Assembly: Water Pumps -FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

POA93 code PriusChat.

12/08/2019 · Toyota is recalling certain model year 2004-2009 Prius vehicles manufactured August 6, 2003, through March 30, 2009 and FCHV-adv vehicles manufactured December 12, 2008, through September 13, 2011. During manufacturing, a scratch may have occurred inside of the electrically driven water pump at the coil wire. toyota prius mil on - dtc p3130 and possible dtc p3125 124586 6/28/2004 2003 toyota prius mil on dtc p3130, information code 346 - revised 139337 9/21/2007 2002 toyota prius master, hybrid and mil on dtc p1120 116343 9/12/2002 2002 toyota prius navigation, energy monitor, consumption, and cassette eject malfunction - revised. Gen 2 Prius 2004-2009 Transmission Failure, P0AA6, P0A92, P0A7A Posted on August 31, 2011 April 17, 2015 by Luscious Garage Long ago we published a blog on Gen 1 transmission failure superseded to yet another blog here. Hi all! I've just joined the Prius family with a very gently used 2007 model, with only 130K on the odometer that has been well taken care of. I purchased the Prius from an individual today and was driving the Prius home about a 2.5 hour drive with the cruise set at about 80MPH when all at once the car lit up like a Christmas tree and. Buy G9020-47031 Engine Cooling Inverter Water Pump Assembly with Bracket for 2004-2009 Toyota Prius HybridG9020-47031 04000-32528: Water Pumps -FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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