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Borderlands 2Phaselock -, The Video.

Skill information, boosting class mods and more. The Action Skill: "Phaselock" in Borderlands 2 is from Maya's Action Skill. Phaselock is the Siren's active skill in Borderlands 2. With it, the Siren can trap enemies in a 'bubble' of distorted space, locking them in place and rendering them unable to fight back, while the Siren and her allies can attack them at their leisure.

Phaselock is a special skill of Maya in Borderlands 2. Action Skill. Lock an enemy in another dimension, preventing him from fighting back for a short while. Some enemies cannot be phaselocked and instead instantly take damage. Cooldown: 13 seconds Note: Phaselocking the same enemy multiple times will result in diminishing returns. 27/02/2012 · Borderlands 2: Meet the Siren, Maya [Phaselock]Trailer details 27Feb12 I’ve looked into the trailer a bit further with information from a number of communities, namely the Official Gearbox Borderlands 2 Forum and, and confirmed things I noticed within the trailer and learned a number of new things [in no particular order]. Elemental Banshee Maya should be compatible with most other mods, but pay attention to a few things: Use "Import single mod" in BLCMM to import Elemental Banshee Maya, preferably after importing any other mods you wish to use. If other mods affect Maya skills or class mods in any way, make sure to disable those changes. 02/08/2019 · Playing Maya as a solo character all the way up to level 72 is a fantastic and fun way to play Borderlands 2. That Phaselock and the huge variety of explosive attacks makes you feel like you’re walking through a circus of fireworks, explosions, and dead stuff.

Maya is a playable "Siren" class character in Borderlands 2 and NPC in Borderlands 3. As an infant, Maya was identified as a Siren and given to the Order of the Impending Storm, the ruling order of monks on her homeworld of Athenas. She trained her Siren powers in secret until she reached. 31/07/2016 · Half way through TVHM with Maya, and I sort of got thinkig. Most of her abilities are releated to phaselock, and phaselock doesn't work against bosses. It does some damage, but nothing that's going to turn the tide of the battle. She's great at crowd control, but against a single boss enemy or 4 in case of dragons, does she do well. 23/06/2014 · There are several Maya Guides in the Borderlands 2 - Guides section. Currently playing around with variation on the Legendary Cat theme. Comments on Sky's post. Thoughtlock is quite amusing to watch in crowded spaces like Pete's Bar. It is not woth losing the crowd control of phaselock for this, it really isn't. Points are better spent elsewhere. 22/03/2014 · Borderlands 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Atleast with Zero I could disappear and kill 2 or 3 guys with kunai then maybe another 2 or 3 with the hologram. But with maya I am scared to switch out of harmony because I am sitting here dying left and right and I need. Phaselock gets really good when you're up against.

Borderlands Handsome Collection GuideHow.

04/03/2017 · Se você jogou Borderlands 1 posso explicar de forma mais simples, basicamente é isso Axton é parecido com o Roland Maya é parecida com a Lilith Zer0 é parecido com o Mordecai Salvador é parecido com o Brick Apesar dos personagens do 2 serem quase da mesma classe do primeiro jogo, existem diferenças nas habilidades. She has a pretty cool super ability called Phaselock, which immobilize enemies up in the air making them freeze and giving you the opportunity to empty your rocket launchers to beat even the boss enemies pretty easily. For this reason alone, I recommend that you go with Siren Maya for your first playthrough of Borderlands 2.

Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Besides the more technical testing, I did also start a new melee Maya with it when I have the time, so mid TVHM now, and it's been fun. Phaselock vs. non-phaselockable targets is supposed to benefit from all melee damage bonuses, incl. roid shield. Maya is the absolute queen of tanking/healing/crowd control. With my main build, Phaselock has a 5.4 second cooldown, and if you Phaselock, you win. Green tree is her utility tree, Ward is top tier skill at tier 1 of the tree, a bit further down you have Converge which is a must in just about any Maya build.

18/05/2019 · Borderlands 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Maya is a healer of sorts, and also benefits from dealing elemental damage. Her action skill freezes an enemy mid air and holds him stationary for a few seconds. Class. Siren. Bio. Her tattoos aren't just for show. Action Skill. Phaselock: Lock down an enemy by phasing him into another dimension. Later: Can Control creeps for an amount of Time.

Despite the in-game description of this skill, Thoughtlock does not lengthen the cooldown of Maya's Phaselock by 3 seconds. Thoughtlocking the same enemy within 25 seconds will reduce the duration of Thoughtlock to 2/3 of the maximum duration. Thoughtlocked surveyors can. 10/10/2012 · Maya representa a classe Siren no Borderlands 2. É natural dos frondosos países do planeta Athena, onde era considerada uma deusa. Substitui a Lilith do Borderlands original e pode ressuscitar os seus aliados, drenar saúdo dos inimigos e retornar balas para os adversários. A sua skill Phaselock.

How well does Maya do against solo raid bosses.

Maya ist eine Sirene, eine spielbare Klasse in Borderlands 2. Sie wurde auf ihrem Heimatplaneten Athenas als eine Göttin angesehen. Sie kam nach Pandora um ihre Herkunft als Sirene zu entdecken und zu erkunden. Sie hat besondere Fähigkeiten um große Mengen an Gegner zu.

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